App Search Optimization

This project consisted of:

  • Optimization for finding app in Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Keywords and appearance in app stores for Android and iPhone
  • Search engine optimization for minisite

App Description

After determining which keywords and location(s) to target. The app description was rewritten to include:

  • App features
  • Why users should download the app
  • How will this benefit users
  • How to use the app

We made sure to describe the app in a natural way and not stuff the description with keywords. After submitting our revised description, app installs have increased from 68 units to 144 units in one month. 

Keywords and Appearance

It is important to include an icon and several tutorial-like images of the app. This gives users a preview of the app’s key features. 

Apple App Store has a 100-character keyword field and was used to input our keywords (tags). As a result, the app shows up for users who enter our keywords in the search field. 

Google Play extracts keywords from the app description and does not use a keyword tag feature. We implemented the same app description used in the Apple App Store.

SEO on Minisite

The minisite shows images of the app’s key features as well as a call-to-action button. This allowed users to instantly see a download button as soon as they land on the minisite whether they were on desktop or on mobile. On-page SEO was added as well as schema markup.

SERP Appearance

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